Since I have been earning money online many programs have come and gone. Some of them, I am sorry to say, have left with my money. The latest to lighten my wallet was an HYIP (High Yield Investment Something or Other) called Genius Funds. One day it was paying me huge returns on a weekly basis, the next day it vanished.

Although I was disappointed, no need to jump off a bridge. High yield almost always means high risk and I knew that going in. I didn’t really care and it’s not because I am filthy rich. It is because I used some money I earned with free online programs like Fusion Cash and Neobux to fund the investment. For over a year now, a group of these free programs has paid me consistently monthly checks that I spend however I choose. The majority of these programs have stood the test of time and since they are free to join, they bear no risk.

Some of the funds I earn have been used to further my online business such as upgrades in programs or occasionally I pay for advertising. I purchased a netbook so my business could be more portable, some went into riskier ventures, such as Genius Funds and some was used simply to provide some of life’s extras for my son and I that I would otherwise not have been able to provide.

When I work these programs consistently, I can earn $300 per month. When I slack off, I might only pull in $100 or so. I earn based on the effort I put into working the programs daily, advertising them and working to help my referrals.

Although referrals will increase my earnings dramatically, I am just now starting to actively promote these programs. As a friend of mine who prefers making money online through different types of programs recently coined me an expert on PTC (paid to click) and GPT (get paid to) programs. Well, he may be a tad gracious with the compliments, but I certainly have learned the ropes. Now I will be taking what I know and using various downline builder programs to rev up my referral rate and teach my referrals to do the same.

I am not at the income level of quitting my day job, still, this amount of earnings is nothing to scoff at and I consider myself just now entering Phase II or my business. So if I can earn an extra $300 per month working part-time from home without spending a dime, why isn’t everyone doing it? The answer is attitude and vision. I can teach 100 people to do what I do and 95% of them will not make it through the first week.

When I email or IM people suggesting that they join programs and start clicking ads each day for fractions of a penny, I usually sense indignation. “You want me to do what?” Many people seek ways to earn online because they are in a financial bind and they want instant relief….a get rich quick scheme. This mindset can be very dangerous.

Over the last year, I have sought out several of these internet marketing gurus. Many are actually quite approachable and happy to talk about how they got started. Almost without exception they all reported being down on their luck as the driving force behind their attempts to earn online. Another common experience was that they did not achieve their six figure incomes overnight, but rather through trial and error. They started small and celebrated minor successes. They all agreed that online networking and building relationships was absolutely essential to their success. And not a single one of them every gave up because the amount they earned just wasn’t worth the effort. They tested what worked and refined it and made it their own.

Anyone can earn online if they take the approach of the experts I talked to, find themselves a mentor or two and be open-minded and teachable. You might have to miss a few episodes of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, but if that is too big of a price to pay, then don’t bother to put down that remote. Earning online may not be for you. It takes some work and some courage. Maybe you should try to latest, greatest matrix, where you spend $1 and make $43,000 in 30 days. At the end of 30 days when you still need to pay your bills, come see me and I will show you how to click your way to a better life one day at a time.

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